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Prepare for Regular Updates

I'm going to be updating this blog regularly soon. Lately there have been a lot of things that have come up with friends of mine, and I feel that if I'm writing about them, then I can find out things myself.

Here, I'm going to be talking about Catholic related topics only. I have other blogs specific to other topics, like entertainment, health, design, Narnia and more.

Looking to Join a Catholic Punk Band?

GregMarone, a user of this site from the Chicagoland area is hoping to start one! Check out his post in the forums! I hope that he is able to accomplish this, as more great Catholic bands are something that I'm looking forward to hearing from!

Looking to Start a Catholic punk band!

Youth Ministry Conference

Last weekend, I went to a Youth Ministry conference on "Prayer and Praise."

It was a really cool way to learn about prayer and creating prayer sessions for meetings and retreats. We also learned how to plan for things based on specific topics. It's crazy how much we learned in just two days. The facilitator, Stan Cordero, was awesome and had everything well laid out.

This was the first of an 8 session course that I would LOVE to be able to finish up. We'll see!

Finally... some time..

It's been a busy year since the trip to Ireland. Lots has happened, and lots more is still to come, I am sure.

I hope to have a chance to start really hammering out the changes to this website to make it a hopping place to be, but we'll see. Hopefully, 2008 will be the year that this site starts moving in a direction to take off.

"What is this Madness?"

If you've read the previous entry about our absolutely incredible Hotel stay, you have some idea of what I'm talking about. Each day, when entering the bathroom, I would notice that the tissue was a bit disheveled. It looked like someone had accidentally taken a few too many tissues out of the box and tried shoving the rest back in.

Back from Ireland

Well, we're back from Ireland. Tired. And in need of a good rest. We've a retreat to help run this weekend and much sleep is required.

Last March of the Ents

Today was the last day in Ireland. How sad... we will be returning though, at some point in the future. That I know. Ireland is too beautiful a country to not see more of it.

We started the day going to Trinity College again to buy sweatshirts. Mission: Accomplished. We also looked for a square Old Library Key chain for Courtney, but NOT A SINGLE ONE REMAINED! I cannot believe it! How ridiculous. I hope they have it online..Otherwise, I'll just request it via e-mail.

Trinity College...Awesome! I mean

Today was an easy day. We started out looking for breakfast, and found a bagel place that was like a subway, with Bagels instead of Sub buns. The Bagel Factory. It was pretty good. Then we went to Carroll's for stuff to take home.

We found our way on foot to the Museum of Natural History and saw many Irish animals including the skeletons of many Giant Irish Deer. It's really quite cool and HUGE! After that we ran into the German couple that we met on the tour the previous day. That was awesome! Talk about a small town (of all the millions of people!).

The Cliffs of Moher Adventure

Today started out very early with a 5:30 rise to venture out on our railtour to the Cliffs of Moher. Down in the lobby we met some crazy Irish fellows. One of them swore a lot and when we told him where we were going, he said that he lives about a half hour from there and he's never been there in his life.

Rock for Life

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