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Alas, our last full day in Ireland was today, but it was a great day. We spent a few hours of the morning in and around downtown Dublin before our bus departed for Glendalough, home of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The ride to the park was beautiful as we saw the rolling hills and grassy plains of the Irish countryside, full of sheep, horses, and cows. The scenery we saw today was much more accurate to the images that come to my mind when I think of Ireland and was a nice escape from the bustling city of Dublin.

The Book of Kells

We spent the day today hanging out around Dublin seeing the various attractions. Trinity College was the highlight of the day as we saw the Illuminated Manuscript from around 800 AD known as the Book of Kells. This rendition of the four Gospels is a colorful, handwritten, art-filled book and the original is located right at the college. We also saw the old Trinity College library, which was an amazing sight.

The Cliffs of Insanity... I mean, Moher

This blog entry would not be complete without at least mentioning the crass Irish folk we met in the hotel lobby early this morning. It was definitely an experience, let me tell you. The mixture of their Irish accent and the shock that they actually may have said what we thought they said made for an event to remember for quite some time.

Yay, I'm in Dublin!

Well, we made it to Ireland without a whole lot of trouble. Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes and then we sat in the plane for another hour or so waiting for takeoff, but now we are in Ireland and it is great! The jet lag didn't seem too bad until Saturday night when we each took our turn bobbing heads and staring blankly off into space on the train.

Rock for Life

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