Last March of the Ents

Today was the last day in Ireland. How sad... we will be returning though, at some point in the future. That I know. Ireland is too beautiful a country to not see more of it.

We started the day going to Trinity College again to buy sweatshirts. Mission: Accomplished. We also looked for a square Old Library Key chain for Courtney, but NOT A SINGLE ONE REMAINED! I cannot believe it! How ridiculous. I hope they have it online..Otherwise, I'll just request it via e-mail.

The Book of Kells

We spent the day today hanging out around Dublin seeing the various attractions. Trinity College was the highlight of the day as we saw the Illuminated Manuscript from around 800 AD known as the Book of Kells. This rendition of the four Gospels is a colorful, handwritten, art-filled book and the original is located right at the college. We also saw the old Trinity College library, which was an amazing sight.

Touristy Day

Today we saw some awesome things, and got to spend more time with my friend. But the better part of the day was spent wandering around, just experiencing the pedestrian experience. It still amazes me that pedestrians just walk when they see the most opportune time, even almost right into cars and right in front of them. Today, I was almost run over by a bus-ish, van-ish looking vehicle.

Trinity College...Awesome! I mean

Today was an easy day. We started out looking for breakfast, and found a bagel place that was like a subway, with Bagels instead of Sub buns. The Bagel Factory. It was pretty good. Then we went to Carroll's for stuff to take home.

We found our way on foot to the Museum of Natural History and saw many Irish animals including the skeletons of many Giant Irish Deer. It's really quite cool and HUGE! After that we ran into the German couple that we met on the tour the previous day. That was awesome! Talk about a small town (of all the millions of people!).

The Cliffs of Insanity... I mean, Moher

This blog entry would not be complete without at least mentioning the crass Irish folk we met in the hotel lobby early this morning. It was definitely an experience, let me tell you. The mixture of their Irish accent and the shock that they actually may have said what we thought they said made for an event to remember for quite some time.

Worldly Lessons...

Today, on your day tour to the Cliffs of Moher, the people made almost as much an impact on me as actually seeing more of Ireland. The first was the run in with the actually Irish gentlemen. They were very informal in the way they spoke, and very open about drinking, sex, and language...something that I am not used to at all. Most of all, I am surprised at how hard it is to understand many dialects of Irish accent.

The Cliffs of Moher Adventure

Today started out very early with a 5:30 rise to venture out on our railtour to the Cliffs of Moher. Down in the lobby we met some crazy Irish fellows. One of them swore a lot and when we told him where we were going, he said that he lives about a half hour from there and he's never been there in his life.

Seeing my Friend

So, Saturday, after we got to our hotel, and found it to be rather poor accommodations we decided that if we found somewhere better to stay for a night, we would just stay there. We then went to Dublin, and after texting my friend for a couple hours, finally met up with her!

Maynooth and the Best Hamburger in the World

For dinner on Saturday we went to a place called The Roost. While we sat and waited for our food, we looked over all of the random condiment packets at the table. There were packets of Tomato Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and Brown Sauce. Brown Sauce was kind of like A1 Steak Sauce.

Go Ireland!!! :-)

Hello everybody, I am on vacation with the two guys that blogged before me here in Ireland! I got the idea to come to Ireland over my spring break from my friend studying abroad here. She suggested it, I thought about how much it cost for about a minute, and then decided that was not any question about it because I have not seen her in so long (she is here for an entire school year) and it is IRELAND! So, here I am :-)

Rock for Life

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