Yay, I'm in Dublin!

Well, we made it to Ireland without a whole lot of trouble. Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes and then we sat in the plane for another hour or so waiting for takeoff, but now we are in Ireland and it is great! The jet lag didn't seem too bad until Saturday night when we each took our turn bobbing heads and staring blankly off into space on the train.

Saturday in Dublin

Saturday, after leaving the hotel, we made our way to Dublin, where we spent a few hours exploring the city, and checking out the prices at local restaurants. The prices weren't actually too bad at many of the places. We stopped looking around when I was so hungry that I could walk no further. So we went to this little place called "La Pizza." Great choice for our first meal in Ireland, eh? But we more than made up for it for our next meal, which I will write about in my next entry.

Here in Ireland

Yesterday we drove to Chicago in near white-out conditions as snow continued to fall all around us. We got to O'Hare Airport in Chicago by about 4 or 5 pm, and there we ate and waited for our plane. After we finally boarded the plane (about 45 minutes late) we sat and waited for other guests to board for nearly an hour until takeoff. Flying overnight really stinks. Sleeping is awful. Although I did happen to think about renting "The World's Fastest Indian" while driving to the Airport...and the first movie on the flight: The World's Fastest Indian! Strange.

Butterflies and Ireland

Here is a deep thought about life that I had the other day. Many people don't know the harsh process that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Most know that it must build a cocoon and after a while the cocoon opens to reveal the beautiful butterfly that was forming within. But here's the interesting part: breaking out of the cocoon is a struggle.. but it is a struggle that must be fought, and fought alone. If we were to break the cocoon open, the butterfly wouldn't have had the struggle required to build proper strength...

Antioch Retreat this Weekend

This weekend is the first of many retreats that I'll be on over the next month. I have done about 30 retreats prior to this (or more). I've been to Franciscan University of Steubenville for many conferences, and done more Antioch style retreats than I can count.

It's Ash Wednesday!

Be sure that you make it to Mass at some point today. Sport those ashes.

If you're not sure what Ash Wednesday is all about, there are many places to find a ton of information about it.

For Lent this year I have been telling people not to just give something up, but to take something on. Pray a bit more every day, or if you don't pray every day, then start. One year, I went to adoration every day, and it was very beneficial. Of course it helps to have a perpetual adoration chapel a couple of blocks away.

Busy until the End of March!

I'm going to be very busy over the next month or so. In one week I'll be leading a small group on a retreat for High Schoolers on a retreat. The theme for the retreat is "Stir" by the band Downhere. I designed the shirts, and I must say, the design is pretty awesome. I hope that they turned out alright.

The following Friday I am leaving for Ireland for about 6 nights. (If anyone knows any great Catholic Churches and sights, do tell! We're flying into Dublin.)

New Forums, How'd you find us?

We've spent a lot of time installing and integrating a new forum on the site. It's much better software than the previous one that is build in with the software that runs the site.

If you've somehow managed to find this site, I want to know how. I've done very little promotion.

Do you have any ideas for where this site could go? What features you'd like?

not much of a blogger

ok this is probably the only entry that im going to make unless i get bored and start to blog a lot.

I don't plan on putting much here because i feel like i have enough about me things up between MySpace, Facebook, and the little section givven on Phatmass. If you want to know more about me just ask but if you look me up on Phatmass (same name there as here) that will give you a link to my MySpace and you should be able learn more than enough there.

Other than that I dont think i have much more to say.
In Christ, Heavenseeker

Welcome to Punk Rock Catholic!

This is a website that was founded by a Roman Catholic with the mission of helping people to learn about Catholicism by finding great resources through us, as well as bring people together.

The goals of this website are unclear even to us at this time, as we don't have definitive plans for this website.

One thing that will be coming for sure is a Punk Rock Catholic store, where you can buy merchandise to help fund the projects that we introduce.

Rock for Life

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