Antioch Retreat this Weekend

This weekend is the first of many retreats that I'll be on over the next month. I have done about 30 retreats prior to this (or more). I've been to Franciscan University of Steubenville for many conferences, and done more Antioch style retreats than I can count.

For this retreat, I had the opportunity to design the t-shirt, and I must say: It came out great! We started with choosing the color as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Green" based on a shirt that I was wearing at the time. We wanted the design to be white with a black outline. Here's the rough design that I created (the printer cleaned up the fragments and the lines to make it work well, and he was very impressed with how the shirts came out).

The theme for this retreat is "Stir" by a band called Downhere. I was thinking about that for a while, and a lot of people wanted to have something stirring a huge pot or a cauldron. My girlfriend suggested that the stirring be done by the Holy Spirit. I put the dove into the design to represent that, with the flight path of the dove forming the S, and shafts of light coming out from behind forming the letters...(However unwieldy the light is, bouncing around as it does to form the R.) The T is really a cross shape with good reason.

If you want more information about Antioch, check out these two websites:
Antioch -
We Adore

Rock for Life

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