Butterflies and Ireland

Here is a deep thought about life that I had the other day. Many people don't know the harsh process that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Most know that it must build a cocoon and after a while the cocoon opens to reveal the beautiful butterfly that was forming within. But here's the interesting part: breaking out of the cocoon is a struggle.. but it is a struggle that must be fought, and fought alone. If we were to break the cocoon open, the butterfly wouldn't have had the struggle required to build proper strength... and we run the risk of damaging the cuticle before it hardens.

Sometimes life is difficult, and we have moments where we too must learn lessons and fight to build strength. God puts these hard times into our paths not to punish us, but to help us to grow, so that we too may spread our wings and fly. We must take the struggles that we are given and learn from them. It's okay to be angry with God when things seem too hard. He can take it. But when we learn from it, and become a better person, and closer to Him... that is His desire for us.

However, the strength that we've built isn't all-powerful (as many would like to believe). We are still fragile, like the butterfly. We may have built up great strength, but we still have much to learn, and there should never be a time when we're completely content with our faith life. We should always strive to overcome the cocoons that we're faced with.

This doesn't mean that we don't need others, though. Remember: The butterfly needs the flower. The butterfly also needs companionship. We, too, must look for companions.. friends to help us on our journey toward heaven. We must look for the flowers as well.. those that God puts in our path to give us guidance in one direction or another.

Spread your wings. Fly.


Friday, March 2, I'm leaving for Ireland with Courtney and Scott. We'll be there until Thursday, March 15th. Please pray for us, that our journey goes well, that we have a safe time, and can return with renewed hearts and minds.

Rock for Life

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