Busy until the End of March!

I'm going to be very busy over the next month or so. In one week I'll be leading a small group on a retreat for High Schoolers on a retreat. The theme for the retreat is "Stir" by the band Downhere. I designed the shirts, and I must say, the design is pretty awesome. I hope that they turned out alright.

The following Friday I am leaving for Ireland for about 6 nights. (If anyone knows any great Catholic Churches and sights, do tell! We're flying into Dublin.)

The next weekend, after we return on Thursday, Friday I will be working as a table leader at another retreat, followed by yet another retreat which (I believe) is the weekend after.

Then there's a day long retreat for junior high that I'm going to be working on.

And after all of that, I'm getting together with four friends to discuss a new Catholic project for youth groups.

It's going to be pretty insane, so I hope you'll keep up with me as I'll be blogging about it right here! What a Lent this year!

Rock for Life

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