It's Ash Wednesday!

Be sure that you make it to Mass at some point today. Sport those ashes.

If you're not sure what Ash Wednesday is all about, there are many places to find a ton of information about it.

For Lent this year I have been telling people not to just give something up, but to take something on. Pray a bit more every day, or if you don't pray every day, then start. One year, I went to adoration every day, and it was very beneficial. Of course it helps to have a perpetual adoration chapel a couple of blocks away.

What will you do this Lent? Give something up? Take something new on? How will you further your relationship with God? Leave a comment or post about it on the forums!

For more about Lent:
New Advent: Ash Wednesday
Catholic Education: Why we have Lent and Fasting

Rock for Life

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